Human, Animal and Vegetal photographies

To transform in images the beauty that surround us, unique and momentary events which meet our roads.

From film to memory card, from analog to digital photography, from darkroom to computer, from black and white to color, every process is used to catch what eyes see.

Particulae Naturales

Fragments of nature, pieces of
seasons, colors, textures, odors, memories and discoveries from another kingdom.

Tulipes - 2017

Chromatic Tulips

After a few weeks of a drab and grey spring, the gardens suddenly explode in colors.

On Stage

Various performances, mixing of arts, from theaters to festivals scenes but also in small streets.

ZĂ©bulon - 2018


Francos de Montréal, June 9th, 2018

Animare Animae

Capture living fragment, catch the souls in images. Reflections of lifes from a picture to another.

Brebis - 2018

Out of the sheepfold

Little woolly clouds on green grass, the ewes are busy shearing the parks.


Everyone on the ring, the circus is in town! The acrobats invade the streets of the city to perform in the most unusual corners.


Different places, different moments. As above so below, from left to right, travelling to a sanctuary to another.

Glaçons - 2016

Of Frost and Ice

Cold winter mornings. Waking up to a new neighbourhood, which appeared during the night.