Essentiae, a, ea

[Essence, being.]

Catching the ephemeral, the immobility. Unique moments and pieces of silence among a chaotic hubbub.

A website in constant transformation, an infinite waltz where light, colors and textures are whirling, on the rhythm of thoughts and feelings.

Armed with a camera -sometimes two-, wearing a good pair of shoes, going out for adventures, without knowing where our feet will choose to go, to enjoy the trip as much as the destination. Parks and public gardens, forests, festivals, protests, streets and alleys from tows and villages, so much different images to capture, like photographic treasures.

Used Material

  • Canon Powershot S1 IS (2004-2007)
  • Canon EOS 400D (2007 -2013)
  • Canon EOS 7D (2013-…)
  • Yashica FX-D Quartz
  • Darkroom
  • Adobe Lightroom

Michèle Delisle

Weekend photographer, loving the greens of Spring, light of Summer, textures of Autumn and stillness of Winter.